2006-10-14 - Emergency Braking

Following on from yesterday's action sequence, I thought I'd post this to show Minx's special emergency braking manoeuver. She can go from full speed to zero in no time. Quite amazing. I like the shot in the bottom left the best - just amazing how tense all her muscles are.

This sequence also shows some of the problems I had keeping Minx in focus. She moves very quickly and is quite small so the camera was having to work extra hard to keep up (the closer the subject, the greater the focus changes required). I'd like to try again one day with a longer lens (300+mm) to see if that helps.

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ALi I like the top right picture best... but maybe these would have looked better in a horizontal line of four..?
Stephen Cameron Ali - I would have done them in a line of 4 horizontally but that would make for a very wide image, and with the width restriction of the photolog, they would have to be tiny (half the current size).