2006-10-22 - Great White Egret

I spent some more time today with my new teleconverter / lens combination. Even with the extra focal length, it can be hard to get close enough to birds and other wild animals. They're very cautious and I had to spend about 20 minutes slowly making my way towards and around this Egret. I managed to get quite close in the end but it was still very watchful. I think I might have to build a hide if I want to get some serious bird shots...

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Fred Interesting. Whre is this? It looks like the everglades, although I know it's not.

I really, really love Egrets, they always manage to keep their feathers so white and so they make for phenomenal photographs.

I was photographing Herons this summer in America... they're not so cautious, I was able to get in at least 15 feet of them to photograph them on more than one occasion.

Cormorants are much more watchful though, they fly away as soon as you're focused and about to take a shot.
Stephen Cameron This was taken in my back garden - we've got a dam and the Egret was wandering around in the shallows. They certainly are amazing looking birds and are always so pristine.

I'll have to look out for some friendly Herons... I swear most birds have focus detectors or something because they can be so hard to get a lock on.