2006-11-22 - Bourbong St

Recently I've had a number of photography jobs that have taken me to interesting places. On one such job, I found myself in a cherry picker 20m+ above the main street of Bundaberg. It was great to get a unique viewpoint of a street that I know so well (my office looks out onto it).

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Dianne Wow Stephen, you actually make Bundy look impressive. I love that you can see from the main street all the way to the Hummock.
Stephen Cameron Thanks Dianne - until went up there I didn't realise that The Hummock was so well aligned with the main street... A fresh perspective always helps with photos like this.
ROB Clouds sure were perfect for this. Nice impage, straight down the main street. And glad I read the comments as I didnt notice it was the Hummock there in the background.
Fred Nice. I really love the sharpness of this shot. Must have been a great lens. Nikon 12-24 by any chance?
Stephen Cameron ROB - I wouldn't have blamed you for missing the Hummock there!

Fred - I'd like to own the Nikon 12-24 but that this stage, I've done enough damage to my bank balance. This was taken with my trusty Nikon 18-70 DX (the kit lens that came with my D70). The main secret is stopping the lens down to something like F/8 or F/11. A bit of Photoshop sharpening helps too!