2006-12-06 - Studio Glass

Hot off the sensor, this shot is from a recent job I had taking product photos for an advertisment. Although product photography isn't my strong point, I was happy with my results - especially considering my very low budget "studio" setup. All I had for these shots was a white board, a sheet and my Nikon SB-800 + ambient light in the corner of a room. The D200 was mounted on a tripod and I took a custom white balance measurement for the mixed conditions. Other than that, all I had to do in Photoshop was set the Levels white point.

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Fred We've been doing this kinda stuff in photography class as of late. It's awesome. I really, really love this shot. It's excellent! When you used curves to set the white point, did you move the curve for all the channels at once? Just asking since I have trouble getting it all white. I end up painstakingly painting in the white using a flared brush.
Stephen Cameron Thanks for the positive comments Fred :-)

In order to get the really white background, I watched my histogram and pushed the exposure as much as I could without clipping the highlights. To do this I had the flash set to +1 and the overall exposure compensation to about +0.7 or higher. I also used a slow sync, rear curtain flash setting.

Once in Photoshop, I added a new Levels adjustment layer, selected the whitepoint eyedropper and clicked on my white background - that's it!