2006-12-07 - Funky Frames

Another of my recent product shots. Once again, this was a pretty simple setup with minimal post-processing required (just setting the Levels white point). My main challenge for this shot was finding an arrangement that looked good but didn't show any unsightly stands - I kept wanting to tilt them on more of an angle but then the stands were showing. It gave me a new appreciation of product photography and the careful preparation that is required.

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Fred Nice. Initially, I didn't think that this worked so well, simply becuse some of the frames obstruct others. But then I thaught, well you can see one whole one in the foreground, then the others are just exactly the same, but in diffrent colours. I like the composition.
Stephen Cameron Thanks for the feedback Fred. It was a relatively tricky one to arrange and I might have tried to show more of each frame if I'd had the room. The seamless background I had wasn't very big so even these three frames were a bit of a squeeze.