2006-12-09 - Rocks

I wasn't planning on posting any more product shots but I got a bit sidetracked fixing a problem that has become increasingly annoying recently: comment spam. I've had to delete over 7,000 spam comments to date and even though I can sometimes find patterns for deleting most of them, it is a painful job. Fortunately, the good people at Automattic have provided a solution in the form of Akismet. I haven't had it running for long and it has already caught almost 50 bad comments. I tested it as best I could but please let me know if you have any problems posting comments.

In related news, I have slowly been working on a new version of this photolog as well as a few other goodies. Time is scarce but the new version will be a major improvement.

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Fred Nice! Updates/revamps are always cool, and exciting to wait for =D I look forward to it.

And I like this shot. I always have trouble getting the background white like this. What lighting, other than the flash, did you use for this?
Stephen Cameron Hey Fred,
The updates should be good. Like finally having this comments form remembering your details! Also, not having 600+ thumbnails on the one archive page...

You might have missed my reply to your last question about the lighting but this was just flash + ambient light (rear curtain sync). Then in Photoshop I set the white level against the background.