2006-12-11 - Natural Cobblestones

They're not really cobblestones (just really cracked mud) but that's what I thought it looked like. I came across this during my job taking photos at the local port (see yesterday's photo). As part of the job, one of the staff took me around in a boat and dropped me off in otherwise hard-to-reach locations. I really wished that I could have stayed longer but the boat was waiting so I had to settle for a couple of quick snaps. If I could go back again, I'd like to get a lower angle on the cracks and either eliminate the grass or get it more in focus.

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Trish This one really appeals to me - they look like huge flat topped boulders. It would be fun to jump from one to the next!
Fred That's amazing. You don't even get cracks like that in Africa... well you may, but I've not seen any in photographs. They look like someone has painstakingly moulded and stamped out each individual "stone" or sector of mud, whatever. It's awesome, great shot!