2006-12-14 - Festival of Light

Recently I was given another opportunity to see the city from a unique perspective (thanks Kathy!) during the annual Festival of Light where they turn on all the Christmas lights and have a street parade. This time I was on top of a church tower, which was much more comfortable than the cherry picker.

If you look too closely at this photo, you'll notice it has a number of flaws. First of all it is quite crooked. Try as I might I haven't yet been able to fix the odd wide angle distortion that came from having the camera at an angle. I had my tripod with me but because of the design of the roof, I couldn't get it close enough to the edge so I just had to rest the camera on the wall. Unfortunately it wasn't level or straight so things look a bit out of whack. I would also have liked more light in the sky but it was a bit late by the time they turned the lights on.

Although I could have done better with the photos, I really enjoyed my time up the tower and am satisfied with this as a record shot. If I get another chance, I'll definitely be much better prepared.

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Fred I've recently had a long-exposure-of-the-night-sky craze with my photography, so this is what I'm used to seeing right now. It looks great. However, I do agree, a bit more light in the sky would have been cool. Also maybe some clouds.. I know this sort of thing is beyond anyone's control but I'd be interesting to see. As for the perspective, It must have been a lot to take in from such a high viewpoint. I'd of walked about a bit a seen what other opportunities there were. I'm not sure, but maybe it's me... there seems maybe a little too much green in this shot though.