2006-12-21 - Natural Decoration

I've decided the bottlebrush tree is the perfect plant for Christmas - it is self-decorating! I took this photo a while ago to test my teleconverter at full zoom. It's no macro but it can be very handy.

Christmas has come a bit early for me today - I just received a new LCD monitor! For the last several months, my faithful 17" LCD has been slowly dying - working for a day or two and then refusing to turn on for a week or more after that. In the downtime I had to use an ancient 15" CRT monitor, which isn't good for photo editing (at least that's my excuse for any recent shots that look poorly edited!). I found it hard to decide on a monitor but I think all the research has paid off - photos look amazing and the 21" widescreen is great for Photoshop!

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Fred Wow, I'm actually jealous. That monitor looks incredible. Photoshop on it must be... spaced out. Haha.

I love the background in this picture. It's a really nice effect. Brilliant.
Stephen Cameron Yeah, the monitor is awesome and the widescreen means that there is a nice extra space for the Photoshop tool palettes. I'm getting quite used to having a lot of space since I already have dual 20" widescreens at work :-)

About the background of the photo - I was originally in two minds about it but I do like it too. The 70-200VR normally has amazing bokeh and the 1.7TC changes its character a bit...