2007-02-07 - Lior 2

Next I headed over to the amphitheatre to see Lior, who I also saw last year.

One problem with the amphitheatre is that the stage is relatively low to the ground. The crowd directly in front of it was almost on the same level so it was hard to get a clear view over the top of everyone. I almost managed it in this shot but unfortunately someone's head got in the way at the last moment. I considered trying to crop this shot but couldn't find anything that worked. Maybe it's just a dud photo but I liked the rest of it too much to bin it...

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kerry Yes I agree. Great photo
Trudy Morrisson You nailed this one Stephen. I dont mind the blurry head at all ... its good to have the shadowy darkness there, adds depth and really is completely unnoticable. Lior didn't quite capture my awe and admiration when seeing him perform that night, but this photo does! :)