2007-02-15 - Green Globe

After the long run of Woodford photos, I find myself at a bit of a loss as to what to post next. Back to randomness, I think!

This photo was taken at my work, in our newly repainted offices. The green was a bit brighter than expected but it actually looks really good when contrasted with the dark blue walls adjacent.

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Fred I agree. I am all for contrasting colours so long as they work. This works. I am not sure about the forground though - not sure wheather it works because it seems like there are a bunch of odd shapes at the bottom of the frame, but it also adds more lines and geomotry in.
Stephen Cameron Thanks for your comment Fred. I probably should have explained more about this photo. Pictured is an ornament that we have in the office and it is sitting on our black reception desk. This photo is here more to document the change than for any artistic reason...