2007-02-22 - St Andrew's 2

While I was trying a few long exposures, I decided to take another shot of St Andrew's, just across the road. Since I didn't have a wide enough lens (or high enough view point) to fit the whole building in without tilting the camera, I struggled a bit with the resulting distortion. Photoshop helped a lot but it still doesn't look quite right. It will have to do though until I can afford/justify a PC lens.

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Murray This photo may not be quite right Stephen, but it sure as hell ( probably shouldn't say hell) is the best photo I've seen of St Andrews Church. In fact, I can't see what isn't quite right about it. That probably says a lot about my photographic expertise!
Beau I can't notice any major problems with the shot... The colours are fantastic... especially the purple sky.
Stephen Cameron Thanks Murray, your comment made me laugh :-) I'm glad to hear that you don't see anything too obviously wrong with it. I guess I just stared at it for too long...

Beau - thanks, I was lucky to get the colour in the sky after setting the white balance for the street lights.