2007-02-25 - Caution Horse

A friendly horse I came across while out walking. I like the way the shallow depth of field in this shot isolates the horse and the fence line. I deliberately crouched down to include the out-of-focus long grass in the foreground. I considered cropping out the "caution" sign but I thought it added a bit of extra interest and balance.

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Beau Nice one, Stephen. I probably wouldn't have cropped out the caution sign either as the photo has a nice composition as it is but I might have considered cloning it away. Although, i've never actually cloned anything out of my photos before.
Ela I love this shot! :) The out-of-focus grass adds a lot of character to the picture. I definitely wouldn't get rid of the caution sign... it makes it a bit more interesting and "real"...
Stephen Cameron Two different views! Thanks Beau and Ela. I'll clone out elements of a photo if I think it will improve it. However, in this case, I still think the sign adds more than it detracts...
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