2007-03-01 - TWO

Today marks two years since I started this photolog. A lot has happened in the past 730 days and somehow I've managed to post a new photo every day. Today's post is a collage of the last 365 days. The first year's collage of photos can be found here.

My sincere thanks to everyone who has supported me along the way and given me the strength to make it this far. I don't know what the future holds but if it is anything like the last two years, I have a lot to look forward to...

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Fred Whoa, a lot of photographs there! Congratulations, anyhow, for making it this far. One a day is a seriously nice achevement. It's what seperates your blog from the rest, and keeps me comming back, cause I KNOW there will be something new each day. An amazing collection of photographs there.

But I have a question. How did you make that? I mean, what software did you use? Did you do it all by hand and resize them all? That'd of taken ages.
Maarten Congratulations Stephen. It is everyday a pleasure to look at your photo's. I wish you many succesful years to come. Looking for a new challenge? Consider to make a poster or calendar from your photo's.
Beau Congrats. It must have taken you a while to create this collage with all of those photos!
Stephen Cameron Fred - thanks very much, glad to have you visiting each day! To answer your question, I created the collage the same way as the previous year's -- using my photolog application. My day job is as a web developer and this is a custom application I made so it didn't take too much to make it print out all the thumbnails in that arrangement. It took me much longer to work out how to arrange the 365 into a neat shape! Once I had them all arranged, I used a screen capture program to get the whole thing as one massive image.

Maarten - That's a great idea and something I'd like to do one day. I would also like to collect my photos into a book once I have enough I'm happy with. Thanks for visiting!

Beau - cheers, see above for info on how I created the collage :-)