2007-03-08 - Weather Beaten

An old log that bears the scars of time...

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Ali I gasped when this came up on the screen.... you could almost fall into those cracks, Anish Kapoor style..=)... Black and White is perfect for this photograph.
Fred Again, nice abstract. I think you should categorize all your postings to allow for easy sorting and also searching.

This photograph is awesome. Did you up the contrast at all?
Stephen Cameron Thanks Ali, although I'm not sure it quite deserves comparison Anish Kapoor's work...

Fred - the categories are coming, I know they're long overdue! As for the editing, this was taken at ISO 1600 so I tried to get the exposure as accurate as possible. Then when I did the b&w conversion, I adjusted the RGB channels until I got the balance I was after. I may have changed the constant too, so that added a bit of extra contrast.