2007-04-24 - Oh So Tired

This may not be the best photo but I think it shows the way I feel right now -- tired. It's quite normal to see a koala in a position like this so they don't always offer the best photo opportunities. Their idea of hard work is waking up and having a quick munch on some leaves. I wouldn't mind being a koala some days...

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Beau It's quite a good photo, in my opinion. I went to the zoo a couple of weeks ago and I was unable to take a photo of a koala that looked as good as this.
Fred haha, this is completely awesome. I wouldn't mind seeing a koala as a normal thing like this everyday.

I think the lifestyle seems easy enough, but to sleep in a position like that? Hmm, seems almost like he is suffering from alcohol poisoning (lol) because of the way he is holding his body with his arm. Also by the way one of his legs hangs down and his head is drooping like this.
Stephen Cameron @Beau: thanks, they're hard to get a lot out of unless you wait around all day...

@Fred: kangaroos are an everyday sight for me but not so much koalas. Haha, that's so true about it looking like they're recovering from a hard night. I think they occasionally fall out of the trees when sleeping like this :-p