2007-04-28 - Whiptail Wallaby

This will be the final shot from my visit to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane. Seeing kangaroos up close wasn't exactly a novelty for me but it was the first time I'd seen a whiptail wallaby this tame. They are also known as pretty-faced wallabies due to their markings.

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Fred This kangaroo is awesome. How close were you to it? I take it it was a wild one? Seems amazing for me. I mean, living here in the UK I only get to see them on the wildlife programs on the television, yet here is photographs taken by you when you couldn't have been that far away from it. Amazing stuff. I like how it's paws are perfectly together and how it looks clam and collected. Nice composition too. Was it a crop?
Stephen Cameron Thanks Fred, I can't remember exactly how far away I was but it wouldn't have been more than a few metres... This shot is taken at 120mm and is uncropped, if that gives you a better idea. They're gentle creatures (generally) and this one was particularly tame since it lives in a public park. I had about 7 or 8 UK visitors with me so I can appreciate your amazement for something I tend to take for granted...