2007-06-16 - Take-off Preparations

After a glorious month overseas, it is time for me to return to reality. My trip took me to various destinations including: Singapore, England, Ireland, Isle of Man and Norway. It was an action packed adventure and I even managed to take a few (thousand) photos along the way. I still have much sorting to do but please join me here as I relive the trip...

First up, the scene from Brisbane airport as we waited to board our plane. I know it's a more of a record shot but I liked the clouds and couldn't get a better perspective than this. It's hard to beat the feeling of excitement when setting off on the start of a big journey.

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Fred OMG, England... could have met up and gone on a small photography expedition if you came down south to Kent that is. Oh well, I hope you had a great trip and I look forward to seeing what photos you took whilst here as I find England a rather hard place to take decent photographs in because I don't find it a terribly interesting place. At least, not compared to France, Spain or America. But that's probably because I live here so I don't think it's that great.
Stephen Cameron Hey Fred,
That would have been really cool to meet up for a photography expedition but unfortunately every minute I had in England was accounted for! I'll definitely have to come back and for longer next time. My trip was mostly about seeing family/friends so I didn't get that much photography time. Hopefully I've managed to capture a few interesting scenes though. I think any place you live in and see everyday of your life is harder to photograph than foreign places... Don't let that stop you though!