2007-07-08 - Make Poverty History 07

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to attend the 07/07/07 Make Poverty History Concert in Bargara as a photographer. Headlining the concert was Old Man River, who are a favourite of mine. It was real bonus getting to meet the band and they were incredibly down-to-earth.

Pictured in the centre of this shot is Ohad Rein, lead singer for Old Man River. For the last song, he invited all the organisers up onto the stage "plus anyone else who wants to come up". Of course, the eager crowd were only too happy to take up this offer and soon the stage was completely packed to breaking point! This photo doesn't really capture it, but it was the most amazing moment and there was so much positivity. This is what music is all about...

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Trudy Such an amazing night! And you managed to capture an unforgettable moment. What i loved is that the crowd wasn't that huge but Old Man River rocked on like there was no tomorrow. The vibe was priceless. Still smiling about it three nights later!! ;D
Stephen Cameron Yeah, it sure was amazing! Still smiling here too :-)
Ben Stephen,
I am constantly in awe of the eye you have. You have a natural sense of balance that is really exciting to see you express, as you grow increasingly technically competent. Well done.
Stephen Cameron Thanks Ben - that really means a lot!