2007-07-21 - Purple Star

Another one from the garden.

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Ela I love the "English garden" shots. They are really beautiful! I think this one and the Floral Finery are my favourite ones. I really like the composition in both of them. Clearly an English garden provides you with plenty of inspiration - I think you should visit one more often :-)
Stephen Cameron Thanks Ela :-) I had a lot of fun doing these and I don't think I could ever get sick of the lush greenery after living in a drought-stricken land for so many years...
Trudy Hey Stephen. I hardly get to talk to you at work, strange hey!
This one to me looks like a nicely wrapped bundle, ready to burst. It really captures the life and energy of the buds and flowers, like they are going to burst like popcorn. Just love it.
Stephen Cameron Hey Trudy, thanks for the great description - I think I should get you to write my captions from now on! When I was taking these photos, everything was bursting with energy and I had a similar feeling :-)