2007-08-17 - Infinity and Beyond

Today was quite a momentous day. First of all, I received a package in the mail - a new Nikon 17-55mm F/2.8 lens! I'd been considering this lens for over a year and now that I've got it, it hasn't disappointed me. It will replace my faithful Nikon 18-70mm, which has seen a lot of action over the last 3+ years.

Upon receiving my new lens, I attached it and took a test shot, which by pure coincidence turned out to be the 30,000th shot I've taken with my D200. And while we're on milestones, today marks the 900th daily photo here since starting in 2005.

Last but not least, today I said farewell to my friend and colleague, Dan, who is moving to Sydney. Best of luck!

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Susan Well, a big day all round then hey?!? Enjoy the new lens!
todd Enjoy the lens! It's a nice one.
Stephen Cameron Thanks Susan, it certainly was a big day... Loving the new lens!

Todd - I have you to thank for this purchase :-)
Fred If money fell from the sky I would buy new lenses. All mine are like tacky consumer ones. Ergh. How much did this cost you?
Stephen Cameron Fred - that would be nice if money fell from the sky but over here, we can't even get it to rain so I doubt I'll have much luck with that! I'll just have to rely on paid photography jobs I guess ;-)

This lens cost me about $1500 AUD delivered, which was a good $700 cheaper than anywhere I could get it locally...