2007-11-21 - The Art of Parenting

Our next stop brought us to Oslo, and with it a number of adventures. The first adventure was finding somewhere to stay. Up until this point, we'd booked our accommodation ahead of time but we thought once we arrived in the capital, there would be no trouble finding a place to stay. How wrong we were - it turned out that there was a big shipping conference on and there was nowhere left to stay in Oslo. After a long search at tourist information, we eventually found a place to stay in a school which had been converted into hostel of sorts. It was one of the more interesting experiences of the trip and when it came to bed time, we were left to find a mattress and a spare bit of space on the floor of a classroom...

The next morning we decided to go and check out Frogner Park, which is home to over 200 sculptures by Gustav Vigeland. As can be seen in this photo, the sculptures are quite unique. I'm not sure what this one is called but if I had to give it a name, it would be The Art of Parenting. Tough job!

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Trish C Love your title! Finding a place to stay was all part of the adventure and certainly made it memorable.