2007-11-24 - Late Glow

On our last night in Norway we stayed along the coast near Sandefjord. It was a beautiful spot and this was the view at 10:20pm... I miss the long days!

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Todd Hi Stephen, not dropped in for a while but I wanted to say you are doing an amazing job with the photos - keep them coming and Im looking forward to the Oxford ones ! :)
Stephen Cameron Thanks Todd! The Oxford photos are closer than you might think! ;-)
Todd O. Wow, this is the sunset at 10:20pm? I could get used to that... but not the sunless winter! Looks like a great place to visit.
Stephen Cameron Yes, it's pretty amazing, isn't it? The long days were awesome while we were there because we could do so much. Only problem was that it didn't leave much time for sleep! I'm with you on the dark winters - not a lot of fun!