2007-11-25 - Oxford Wanderer

Leaving Norway behind, we headed once more for the UK and the final leg of our trip, in Oxford. I'd never been to Oxford before but I was excited to be going because it meant that I would finally get to meet two good friends I'd made through this very photolog - Todd and Ela. Although it was only a short visit, I had the best time and I was made to feel instantly at home. Ela was kind enough to be my personal tour guide and took me to all sorts of interesting places that I would have otherwise missed. Thank you! And Todd, also being a keen photographer (and author of the brilliant ToneUp software), was able to give me some hints on capturing the local scenes at their best. I only wish I'd had longer...

Anyway, I think today's photo is rather appropriate since it also marks my 1000th daily photo! Thank you to everyone who has supported me with this project and given me the strength to keep going. I don't know what the future holds but it has been a great experience so far...

PS: Happy Birthday, Granny Alicia!

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susan Love the story, love the photograph. You are an inspiration Stephen, I hope you continue to see a lot more 1000th photographs here!
Stephen Cameron Thanks Susan! I hope so too :-)
Todd Where on earth did you find the model ? :)
Stephen Cameron Todd - she's one of Europe's top models ;-) Must be a lucky man married to her!
Fred Nice photo