2008-06-17 - Light Catcher

Testing the limits again... Nikon D3 @ ISO 6400, F/2.8, 1/13s, 160mm hand held + VR.

Minor cropping but otherwise straight out of the camera. Unreal.

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Susan Wall Wow unreal seems like an understatement! great shot Stephen...lovely dof too
Jenny O'Neill Hi Stephen, I'm Denise's friend who is very keen to have you do my wedding photgraphy if you are interested? I think Denise has mentioned by now to you. The wedding is May 2nd next year. Anyway chat to you soon. Send me an email to let me know if you are keen. Thanks.
Fred Wow, I literully just sat here with my mouth open whilst looking at all of your latest postings. I seriously want the D3 lol. Jesus.
LightningPaul Very nice! When will you post new images?
Stephen Cameron Thanks everyone :-) I know I've been very slack with updates here but you can expect some new photos to start trickling through again in 2009...
Blondie Nice Camera Pal