2013-01-09 - Brazilian Boat Builder

I don't tend to create a lot of black and white images normally and I think that is mainly because I love colour so much (just check out the archive to see what I mean). It might also be because black and white isn't one of my strong points. I really do enjoy monochrome images and they can be incredibly powerful, so another challenge for myself is to work more on creating images like this.

Today's photograph comes from Brazil, in the small town of Paraty that I visited a couple of times in 2010. It is a beautiful place, almost frozen in time compared to other parts of the country. One morning when out for a walk, we came across a couple of boat builders. One of them was very animated and keen to chat, while his friend sat back and simply observed. I really liked this moment and the expression I managed to capture. This is quite possibly one of my favourite portraits and black and white images to date...

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