2013-01-27 - Flood Watch

If you've seen the news in the last couple of days, you'll be aware that Queensland is once again facing major flooding. It has rained pretty constantly for the last few days here in Brisbane and further north it has been a lot worse. My old home, Bundaberg, has had a particularly rough time and there's more in store apparently. My thoughts are with everyone there - stay safe and dry!

This photograph was taken two years ago during the 2011 Brisbane floods. I took this not far from my house as the flooding began. A group of people had gathered by the river to watch the torrent of water rushing by in the normally calm Brisbane River. There was an almost constant stream of debris, including countless pontoons and even a wrought iron park bench that made for a strange sight as it floated by. It was all quite surreal. Here's hoping mother nature is a little more kind this time around...

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